Manufactured or Reverse Engineered Gears and Parts

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Gearmakers Custom Gears & Machine Part Repairs

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Custom gear repair for gears that can’t be purchased from a stock gear catalog. Since 1999, Gearmakers, Inc has dedicated itself to providing high quality custom gears and other machine parts to many different industries at competitive rates. When necessary, we provide them with very fast deliveries! We manufacture a wide variety of custom gears including those above. Contact us for any custom gear job!

Production Quantity Gears and Parts Too

We also manufacture Custom Gears & Machine Parts in Production Quantities with Standard Deliveries.

Gearmakers also manufactures custom gears and machine parts in production quantities for a wide variety of purposes and industries. spur gears, helical gears, metric helical gears, worms, worm gears, metric worm gears, internal gears, external gears, internal splines, external splines, internal spline couplings. external spline couplings, serration, timing pulleys, sprockets, ground tooth spur gears. gear racks, round gear racks, ground tooth helical gears, face gears, bevel gears, miter gears, spiral bevel gears, spiral miter gears, herringbone gears, double helical gears, planetary gears.  rack and pinion gears, segment gears, gear wheels, pinion gears, ring and pinion gears, ring gears, differential gears, and straight cut gears, external acme threads, internal acme threads, tapered bore, tapered keyway.  Metric gears are Standard to Us!

helical gear worm gears worms spur gears internal gearstiming pulleys ground tooth gears

bevel gears internal spline external splines face gears gear racks sprocketsspline gear shaft

Some specific applications that our Gears are involved in are in include mining gears, gears for antique cars, gears for heavy equipment, lathe gears, gears for cnc equipment, printing equipment gears, and other applications.

Broaching, Slotting, Reverse Engineering…

We also provide other services, such as reverse engineering, broaching, slotting (blind keyways, etc), honing and cylindrical grinding. To us, your production schedule is our highest priority. Come see what experience and commitment to fulfilling our customer’s needs can provide for your company or project.