Capabilities: Ground Tooth Spurs & Helicals


Ground Tooth Spur and Helical Capabilities:
(also crown gears)
•Pitch Diameters: .25″ to 40″
•Number of teeth: 4 teeth to 400 teeth
•Face Width: 56″ maximum face width
•Maximum Helix Angle= 45″
•Quality: Agma= Q12
•Pitch Types: Diametral Pitch, Module Pitch, Circular Pitch, Agma Stub, Combo Stub, Nuttal Stub, Full Fillet and others.
(Other less common pitch cutters can be rented or purchased as needed).
•Tooth size: 64 Diametrial Pitch to 1.588 Diametral Pitch, .4 Module to 16 Module, .05″ Circular Pitch to 1.5″ Circular Pitch.
•Pressure Angle: 14.5° PA, 20° PA, 25° PA, are the most common pressure angles. Other pressure angles also available.

Materials: steels, hardened steels, pre-heattreat steels, stainless steels, cast iron, brass and bronzes, graphite, titanium, monel, inconel.

We can and have ground spur gears and helical gears out of many other materials as well. For easy to understand technical information about Ground Tooth Spur and Helical gears… click on the Technical Section tab from our home page.

Send us your gear samples or machine parts (new or worn) for our complete reverse engineering service. Depending upon the complexity of your samples, in many cases, there is no charge for reverse engineering.