Gear Delivery Options

custom gear manufactured to orderGearmakers, custom gear manufacturer and repair offers a variety of delivery services and speeds to meet our customers needs.

We can manufacture hundreds of gears to your specifications, or just the one gear you urgently need to get up and running.

Standard Delivery:
In many cases depending upon the quantity and complexity of the gear or machine part, we can ship your parts within 2 weeks.
If it is a simple gear or machine part, many times we can ship in 1 week or less without even charging an expedite fee.  Our standard deliveries are based off of the type of gear, complexity of the specific design, and quantity.  Some of our deliveries may be as long as 8 weeks but this is not the case for most.

Expedited Delivery:
Just because we make a gear or machined part for you super fast… doesn’t always mean it has to be super expensive!  If we can fit your order into our busy schedule, without disturbing other customers deliveries, we do not charge an expedite fee!  This is dependent of the type of gear, complexity of the specific design, and quantity.

Emergency Breakdown Same Day Service:
Whenever physically possible, we offer an emergency breakdown same day service for your gear or machine part.  If your gear or machine part is physically impossible for any gear company to complete the same day… obviously we will not be able to either.  What is important is… we will be upfront with you and tell you the truth!  Maybe your gear has (10) different operations to it or needs to be in a heat treating furnace for 48 hours straight.  These are just some reasons why your gear may not be able to be completed the same day or even next day.

Fast Gear Delivery
We understand that fast gear delivery is crucial for most of our customers. Maybe it is physically impossible to complete your gear the same day. In that case we help your find other solutions. Many times in the past, we have been able to offer a temporary solution to get a customer up and running again. Maybe the solution is fixing or modifying the faulty gear so that it can temporarily be put back into operation. Maybe instead of a hardened and ground gear, we can quickly make you a pre-heattreat steel gear, to put into operation. This buys us both some time to manufacture the proper hardened and ground gear. Solutions come in many different forms and we will use or knowledge and experience to help get you up and running as quickly as possible.