We have extensive honing capabilities as many of the gears and other machine parts that we manufacture need to be honed. Our honing capabilities include but are not limited to bores with keyways or splines, blind holes.
Honing: +1 (215) 703-0390
For gear manufacturing, honing helps give tight control of bore size, roundness, straightness and finish, but it has other applications as well in part manufacturing.

Honing Materials

As with our custom gear work we can use a variety of different materials including steels, hardened steels, pre-heattreat steels, stainless steels, cast iron, aluminums, delrin (aceytl), nylon, uhmw and other plastics, non-metallics (phenolics), brass and bronzes, graphite, titanium, monel, inconel.

We can hone gears and other mechanical parts out of many other materials as well as those listed above.