Reverse Engineering

reverse engineering servicesApproximately, 80% of what we manufacture at Gearmakers, we reverse engineer from our customer’s worn gear samples, many of which have no teeth at all.  

Gear Reverse Engineering: +1 (215) 703-0390
We have many different types of inspection machines and equipment and because we are experienced and efficient at reverse engineering often we do not need to charge for the reverse engineering. There are however cases when we do need to charge, due to the many hours that a complicated gear may take to reverse engineer and draw a cad print.

How Gear “Reverse Engineering” Works

When an engineer designs a gear or any type of machine part, they first make a print… and then… the gear or machine part is made from this print.  In the case of reverse engineering, the engineer does not start with making a print.  The engineer starts with a sample gear or machine part and makes a print from the gear or machine part.  Hence the name “reverse engineering” because the process is done in reverse.

It is also interesting to note that when an engineer makes a print and then makes the gear or machine part from it, it may not be correct the first time.  The engineer may need to alter the print several times and remake the gear or machine part several times before it is made correctly and then… the gear or machine part can be put into production.  Often times, with reverse engineering, you don’t get a second chance to make the gear or machine part.  It needs to be made correctly the first time.  This is definitely the case at Gearmakers.  We pay attention to all the fine details to ensure that the gear or machine part is reverse engineered correctly the first time… so it can be manufactured correctly the first time.