slotting of keyways and splines
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Slotting and Keyways

We can do slotting jobs including keyways, blind keyways, straight sided splines, and special forms.

Length of keyway or spline:  16″

Width of keyway or spline:  can side shift up to a 24″ wide keyway.
Our slotting machines feature built in rotary tables for accurate positioning of one feature to any other feature on the part.

Slotting Materials:

Steels, hardened steels, pre-heattreat steels, stainless steels, cast iron, aluminums, delrin (aceytl), nylon, uhmw and other plastics, non-metallics (phenolics), brass and bronzes, graphite.  We can and have slotted gears and other parts out of many other materials as well.